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I started years ago and had a dream to own my own event planning business. This quickly became reality when I walked into Pam's Incredible Edibles to order some supplies for an event that I was planning. The reception I received when I walked in made me realize that I was in the right place. The compassion that she had and the professionalism shown to assist me made me feel very welcome. I saw her to be an expert in her field and she proved me right. I expressed my desire to one day have my own business and her reply was "I'll show you".

Our partnership is wonderful because not only did she believe in me, but we also became the best of friends. I am so proud to have her as my partner, humbled by the amazing clients and hopeful for the future.

Now, I have an exciting business that will allow me to meet great people experiencing wonderful events. We can help you with weddings, wedding receptions, business meetings or luncheons, reunions, and much more. Give us a call today to schedule your consultation!

Barbara Spencer Carpenter

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